Salt is so much more than something you sprinkle on French fries. It touches your life everyday in ways you can’t imagine. To learn more about the positive power of salt, click the links below.

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Federal agencies flooded
with pro-salt comments

Salt is an important ingredient in your good health. In fact, no electrolyte is more essential to human survival than salt.

Integrating snow fighting
into safety plans

There’s an easy, inexpensive way to save hundreds of lives and prevent thousands of injuries every year.

Cooking Food with Salt

Salt does more than improve flavor. It intensifies it. It reduces bitterness and enhances sweetness. It provides balance. It’s a natural preservative, it helps bread rise, and it’s even a critical ingredient in ice cream.


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Staying Safe on Winter Roads

The Holiday Season is a perfect time to enjoy the company of family and friends. Celebrating the season and exchanging gifts also means a lot of travel and for most people that means driving to visit loved ones as well as to shopping centers and stores. For those who live in snow-belt states winter driving… Read more »


Will new school lunch mean less veggies?

The U.S Department of Agriculture has proposed a complete overhaul of school lunches subsidized by the federal government. These changes, to be implemented over a period of years, aim to limit calories, reduce sodium and increase the consumption of vegetables and whole grains. Improved nutrition is a laudable goal, but the realities of science and… Read more »


Salt storage barns: The key to safe winter roads

For most of us, if we ever think about salt storage, the salt shaker on our table probably comes to mind. However, for your local road and transportation department, salt storage is all about keeping road salt properly covered and safe so it is available for the department to use when it starts to snow…. Read more »


Comment Now on Salt Reduction Efforts

None of your favorite foods will ever taste the same again if we don’t stop the FDA from trying to regulate our salt. Before the government can start trying to force food producers to alter their recipes (and force you into a bland low-sodium diet that may actually harm your health) they must give the… Read more »

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