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World Salt Symposium–Call For Papers

        2018 World Salt Symposium For more than 50 years, the World Salt Symposium has convened at intervals to assess the science and technology behind every aspect of salt through a scientific meeting. This site is a repository of the information gathered by these symposia and also serves to promote the forthcoming… Read more »


Saltwater is the fastest growing trend in swimming pools

Pools are great fun for kids and adults and when it is hot in the summer time or you’re on vacation, there is no better way to cool off. Most pools do require a lot of work to keep clean however and there is always that chlorine smell and the burning sensation that affects the… Read more »


Why more people are installing saltwater pools

One of the hottest summers in US history has sent everyone scurrying into their pools to cool off, and the biggest new trend in swimming pools is salt water. First developed in Australia, saltwater pools offer several advantages over conventional chlorine and have become incredibly popular in the last decade. People no longer have to… Read more »

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