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Cooking with Salt

The dangers of a low salt diet

Salt, or sodium chloride, is essential for life. In fact, no mineral is more essential to human survival than sodium because it allows nerves to send and receive electrical impulses, helps your muscles stay strong, and keeps your cells and brain functioning. However, sodium chloride (salt) is a nutrient that the body cannot produce, and… Read more »


Health consequences of hard water

When you look at the cities that attract the most new citizens, particularly those in the senior age brackets, Phoenix and Tucson are usually up near the top of the lists. With sunny days, warm temperatures and golf courses galore — both have stunning outdoor environments to be enjoyed throughout the year. Unfortunately, both Phoenix… Read more »


Home Improvement Expert Gary Sullivan on Hard Water

Morton Satin, Vice President, Science and Research, here on behalf of the Salt Institute discusses Hard water and water softening with Gary Sullivan. -Hard water can cause drier skin and possibly wrinkles Hard water leaves mineral deposits on hair making it dry and unmanageable -Hard water leads to higher energy costs because soft water allows… Read more »


Salt essential for summer hydration

Summer is the time for outdoor fun and activities, but as temperatures rise, staying properly hydrated becomes even more important. Even if you are not engaged in strenuous activity, you will sweat more in the heat and humidity. Even mild activity will increase your body temperature and your body’s need to sweat. This is especially… Read more »

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