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History of Salt Consumption

The available data suggest Western societies consumed between three and 3.3 teaspoons (15-17 grams) of salt per day from the early 1800s until the end of World War II, based on military archives for prisoner-of-war and soldier rations around the world. During the Anglo-American War of 1812, despite its high cost, salt rations amounted to… Read more »


CDC sodium recommendations associated with negative health Outcomes

PRESS RELEASE For Immediate Release: April 2, 2014   Media Contacts: Sam Blum (212) 726-6033 Dan Poindexter (919) 677-0977 x5339 New American Journal of Hypertension study first to pinpoint optimal range for daily sodium intake. NEW YORK, NY – A new study published in the American Journal of Hypertension finds evidence that the… Read more »


The Salt Debate: Health & Wellness

Salt has become one of the largest health concerns for consumers and the food industry alike, joining the ranks of trans fats and high fructose corn syrup. Why? High sodium intake has been linked to high blood pressure, one of the leading risk factors for heart disease. That said, salt is essential for survival and… Read more »


Sodium truths: Americans are eating the right amount of salt

(BPT) – Contrary to popular belief, the average American eats just the right amount of salt. In fact every single population throughout the world, regardless of location, state of development, culture and cuisine, all ingest a similar amount of salt when compared to the U.S. average. It doesn’t matter if people get their salt from… Read more »

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