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salt history

History of Salt Consumption

The available data suggest Western societies consumed between three and 3.3 teaspoons (15-17 grams) of salt per day from the early 1800s until the end of World War II, based on military archives for prisoner-of-war and soldier rations around the world. During the Anglo-American War of 1812, despite its high cost, salt rations amounted to… Read more »


The Salt Debate: Health & Wellness

Salt has become one of the largest health concerns for consumers and the food industry alike, joining the ranks of trans fats and high fructose corn syrup. Why? High sodium intake has been linked to high blood pressure, one of the leading risk factors for heart disease. That said, salt is essential for survival and… Read more »


Sodium truths: Americans are eating the right amount of salt

(BPT) – Contrary to popular belief, the average American eats just the right amount of salt. In fact every single population throughout the world, regardless of location, state of development, culture and cuisine, all ingest a similar amount of salt when compared to the U.S. average. It doesn’t matter if people get their salt from… Read more »

dietary salt

Asking the right questions on dietary salt

Asking the right questions on dietary salt Morton Satin – Salt Institute The Dietary Guidelines Advisory Committee has asked for public comments on a number of questions related to replacing salt in the diet. One question they are very interested in is, “What are the technical challenges in reducing salt in different food categories?” Another… Read more »

Cooking with Salt

Health story of the year: salt is vindicated

An ever increasing body of academic research is showing that the current level of salt Americans consume is not only perfectly healthy but that adopting low-salt recommendations will actually harm people. The most recent example of this is a review of all available research on salt and health by the Institute for Medicine (IOM). The… Read more »

horse salt

Obsessed with Salt

Animals need salt too and their bodies naturally regulate the right amount. Just like people. Q. My new 2-year-old filly is obsessively licking and biting her salt block. She lives on a dry lot and gets high-quality orchard grass hay, a daily ration of commercial horse feed appropriate for her growth stage and size, and… Read more »


Brits give up on salt reduction

The Department of Health in the UK is scraping plans for tougher salt reduction targets on many products. Regulators have accepted food industry claims that any further reductions in salt in key foods such as meats would endanger the public and significantly affect taste. Full story is here.

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