Kids reject vegetables without salt

broccoliA research paper from the University of Pennsylvania examined the response of tasters to varying amounts of salt in a range of foods that were naturally bitter, including vegetables and other foods deemed to be healthy. Reducing the salt intake made these foods less appealing, and as a result adversely affected the tasters’ nutrient intake.

Explaining variability in sodium intake through oral sensory phenotype, salt sensation and liking.Hayes JE1, Sullivan BS, Duffy VB. (2010)

In another double-blind taste panel study conducted at Ohio State University, cooked broccoli was fed to individuals from three different age groups: children, adults and senior citizens. The broccoli florets were prepared with different levels of salt and the results made it clear that, even though participants were unaware as to which sample was which, salt significantly increased broccoli’s palatability. Both children and seniors liked broccoli better with more salt on it. For both children and adults, the broccoli’s bitterness decreased as the level of salt increased.

Impact of Sodium Chloride on Liking of Cruciferous Vegetables
by Balitsis, Jennifer Kathryn (2008)


Normal Salt Levels...