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Safe and Sustainable Snowfighting

Snowfighter Handbook SAFE AND SUSTAINABLE SNOWFIGHTING HANDBOOK The Safe and Sustainable Snowfighting Handbook takes winter maintenance to a new level. It is a tool that can be used to provide excellent customer service, while protecting the environment. The modern snowfighter must be accountable for meeting the community’s needs for safety and mobility, as well as… Read more »

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Optimal Snow and Ice Control of Parking Lots and Sidewalks

This report summarizes the results from a three year research project entitled “Snow and Ice Control for Parking Lots and Sidewalks (SICOPS)”. The document highlights the important findings from the project along with a number of recommendations that can help maintenance contractors and government agencies develop a cost-effective winter maintenance program for snow and ice… Read more »

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Clear Winter Roads Protect Lives and Commerce

Clear Winter Roads Protect Lives and Commerce Information from the Roadway Safety Foundation: Your advocate for safe winter weather operations. Download PDF: Clear Winter Roads Brochure  

Sugar Beet Road Salt


Abrasives   In a perfect winter world, nothing would be simpler than plowing to remove all the snow and slush from the pavement. However, the reality is that winter conditions make it impossible to prevent snow pack or ice from developing on the pavement. This is where deicing materials are needed to restore safe pavement… Read more »


RWIS raises bar for snowfighters

RWIS raises bar for snowfighters   Road weather information systems (RWIS) provide snowfighters with unprecedented access to crucial, real-time information enabling improved winter roadway operations, improved public safety, mobility and productivity. Like all road management improvements, innovative RWIS technologies reduce the exposure of road agencies and road users to certain liabilities.  Read more… 


Salt and Highway Deicing Newsletter

The Salt Institute maintains an archive of past newsletters on salt and highway deicing with information and data on the science and use of road treatment minerals to promote highway winter driving safety. Falling snow, rising expectations – even in the South (2011) Media, Study, Put Spotlight on Economic Impact of Impassable Roads (2011) What… Read more »