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Health Affairs – Salt and Public Health: Contested Science

Most recent policy research concludes that the concealment of scientific uncertainty in the case of salt reduction has been a mistake that has served neither the ends of science nor good policy. Read the full article on Health Affairs.    


Q&A: Is ‘sea salt’ different from regular salt?

Published July 13, 2013, Consumer Reports Q: Ads suggest that there’s a difference between sea salt and regular table salt. I know there’s a difference in flavor between plain and iodized salt, but is the origin of salt also significant? —Arthur Peters Oroville, CA A: Sea salt comes from evaporating sea water, with little or no… Read more »


Battelle Study Documents Anti-scaling Benefits of Water Softeners

Water softeners virtually eliminate energy-wasting, service life-shortening scale accumulation on gas and electric water heaters, according to a new study by Battelle Memorial Institute on “Benefits of removal of water hardness (calcium and magnesium ions) from a water supply.” Testing electric water heaters over an equivalent 15 months of service found 64 times more scaling on unsoftened… Read more »